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Did You Know? Facts on the SPCA West


At times, We ask the public to help us reach our yearly financial goals,
so we can carry our mission further.


 SPCA West is a no-kill shelter

 SPCA West saves thousands of animals of all kinds every year in your region.

 90 % of all animals that enter the shelter, are NOT sterilized, are full of fleas, mites and other parasites like worms.

 Most of them are in rough shape physically and emotionally.

 Upon arrival, our medical team immediately begins what we call Preventive Care Protocols, where each animal gets vaccinated, treated for parasites, mites and fleas, and de-wormed.

 For non-urgent cases, after a given observation period in the entry room, they are either cleared for sterilization or placed into quarantine for further treatments.
(Emergency cases have their own very strict protocol that our staff follows.) 

 The next step is to ensure that ALL animals under our care get sterilized and permanently identified, with some exceptions like Wildlife species for example.

 After going through the vetting and evaluation process, they can finally go up for adoption where they can hope to finally find their new forever family.

 On average, the costs to the shelter per animal is 225.00 for the treatments indicated above, EXCLUDING emergency cases.

 Based on 1000 animals saved in a year that is 225 000.00 $ in medical expenses alone.

 2000 animals per year = 450 000.00 $ of medical expenses.

And on it goes…


Based on this information alone, would you support our cause ?

Donating today will make the difference.
please open your hearts