A Call to Help Renters With Pets in Québec

The COVID-19 crisis has placed many Quebec pet owners in a dire situation when looking for rentals for their family.

The current vacancy rate of 1.8% in Quebec is at its all time low.
Lost income and stress caused by the pandemic and with no place to go, renters are under extreme pressure and forced to make very difficult decisions. Finding a rental unit in the present context is extremely difficult and even more so for families with companion animals.

Abandonment may be the only choice they have left.

Landlords are worried about damage to their property if they permit animals.

It is time to show open-mindedness and solidarity to ensure families with animals find housing. Landlords have nothing to fear. With or without an animal, tenants have the same obligations, including:

  • Keeping the unit clean and in good condition
  • Complying with municipal by-laws on animals and cleanliness
  • Not infringing on the peaceable enjoyment of other tenants or the landlord
  • Returning the rental to the landlord at the end of the lease in the condition in which it was received

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The moving season is approaching rapidly and families with pets are faced with a very troubling situation this year:
  1. Very few rental units available
  2. Landlords not accepting families with pets
  3. Financial difficulties due to the COVID Pandemic
For many, the only remaining option is to abandon their companion. With shelters across the province already operating with very limited staff and funds, it only adds to the disaster about to take place. If we do not get the landlords cooperation and leniency in making their units more accessible to pets, shelters across the province will face insurmountable difficulties this summer. We must receive the compassion and understanding of the landlords to help ease the situation.

Remi Brazeau, Director at the SPCA West