Fostering animals can also be a pleasurable experience. It’s rewarding to know that you played a key part in the rehoming process when a foster animal is successfully rehomed

Are you considering opening your homes to dogs and cats looking for a fresh start in life?

When you foster a dog or cat you’ll be freeing up space in our shelter so that we can rescue more animals in desperate need.

Benefits to animals

Animal fostering is an important role. It helps to play a vital part in the rehabilitation of animals and helps improve their chance of finding a new home.

Many animals that we take in have either suffered or are not used to the care and affection that they deserve. Living with a foster family helps to provide them with one-to-one care, allowing them to build up their confidence and get used to a normal lifestyle.

Sometimes animals don’t cope well in an shelter environment. This is where we need people to take them in to provide them with a real home, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

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If the animal you are fostering becomes sick, contact us immediately. You can also consult our veterinarian Louise Lavallee 450-267-9484 for any questions. Please note that the SPCA OUEST cannot refund vet costs should the foster home decide to use other veterinary services.