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SPCA West “Tags to Safety”


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We are happy to introduce our
“Tags to safety”
This tag that you wear on your key chain is a way to let anyone that is helping you in time of crisis know that you have pets at home counting on you.

Anytime emergencies take place, the crews that serve us are trained to look for any type of message that will assist them in finding more info about you, and with this tag they will know you have pets at home waiting for you.

Too many times people that ended up in dire need of assistance did not think or could not communicate about their pets that were at home, ALONE!

Now with this key chain, emergency personnel will immediately be able to quickly identify these details, and dispatch assistance to your furry friends, taking an enormous stress off your shoulders while you fend for your self.

Furthermore, the tag also rewards you towards purchases you make at the SPCA West store, giving you an additional 15 % off every time you shop.

Now this is a 3-fold benefit:
Safety for your pets at home
15 % Savings on the items you purchase
 Support to your local SPCA which in turns saves more lives.
Get yours today, protect your pet, and help save lives!