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Break the Chains

Leaving your dog chained outside is neglect

The Quebec Regulation Respecting the Safety and Welfare of Cats and Dogs has come a long way to help protect against animal cruelty, abuse and neglect but there are some major areas of concern that have yet to be addressed.

The new laws that set regulations for proper shelter, proper care and proper treatment contradict themselves by allowing pet owners to keep their dog chained outside indefinitely.

The law states that so long as the animal is used to living outside and so long as there are no visible signs of pain and suffering, that it is ok.

We want to Break the Chains. It is not ok to treat a dog, or any animal, like this. Dogs are extremely social animals that deserve to be loved and cared for.

We do not want to live in a province that outlines in its laws the types of chains that are ok to wrap around your dog’s neck and leave them cold, lonely and unloved tied to a post in the yard.

The current laws outlined in the Animal Health Protection Act are inadequate. They leave too many openings to twist and abuse them.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods has shown that they recognize animals are sentient beings with biological needs. It is time to go one step further and realize that no living creature deserves to be left chained up.

It is time to Break the Chains!

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