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There is still time to change a life

There is still time to change a life

Get your donation in just in time for the 2018 tax-season cutoff


The holiday season is coming to a close, but there’s one last gift we hope you’ll make—your tax-deductible gift to help animals in need. All gifts made to the SPCA West before year’s end will be eligible for a tax deduction, and, most importantly, can lead to more rescues, more adoptions and more lives saved.

What can your donation do?

$25 donation would go towards a cat’s medical exam.
$50 donation will cover a puppy’s first set of vaccines.
$100 donation would help cover an animal’s sterilization procedure.
$250 donation would go towards or emergency medical fund so we have the money to cover our urgent medical cases.

Your year-end donation can make a lasting impact for animals in our care. Not only will it help with basic costs that come with rescuing, but it will  help us with the different missions we undertake like eliminating dog fighting rings and puppy mills, hiring more animal rights officers to investigate questionable situations, helping the homeless and the animals they depend on for their survival, supporting other rescues with food and other in-kind donations, etc…


Your donation could qualify for up to 50% back in tax credits.


What does that mean? That means that on a $1000 donation, you can get $494 back based on government credit calculations. Your donation can go so far!

Click on the link below to calculate how much your donation will actually end up costing; you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Loyal, animal-loving supporters like you made this hugely important work possible. We could not do what we do without you. We have accomplished so much in 2018.  Imagine what we can do for animals in the year ahead with your help. Please make your tax-deductible gift today.