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Sponsor a Feral Program

Welcome to the SPCA West Trap Neuter Return Sponsor Program For Feral Cats In Need. The FCIN.

The FCIN Program:

The SPCA West FCIN (Feral Cats In Need) TNR program is specifically designed to assist feral cats who do not have the level of socialization necessary for adoption into homes. Cats in this program are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, treated for parasites, marked for future recognition, and returned to their existing neighborhood. Trained community caregivers then provide them with a stable source of food, water, and shelter.


Why is TNR important?

When you think about the shear amount of stary and feral cats that are out there, and the rapid rate at which they reproduce, it becomes obvious that something must be done. On average, female cats have three litters of 4-6 kittens a year. Kittens born to feral cats are not spayed or neutered which further increases the homeless cat population.

Let’s do the math:

It is known that a single un-spayed female, her mates and all her offspring will be responsible to more than 

2 million kittens over the period of 8 years!!  

As You Can See, is easy to understand why our FCIN Program is crucial in helping to humanely control and reduce the region’s feral cat population, while providing these cats with the essentials necessary for outdoor survival .


Why Now?

Acting all year long is important, but comes spring season, timing  can not be more crucial since this is when females are getting ready to mate, and this is when we encounter the largest amount of kittens born in the wild.

The SPCA West FCIN Program is especially designed to help curb this ever-growing problem in our region.

Thanks to the support of citizens just like you, sponsoring a feral cat permits us to get the most amount of feral to enter the program and benefit from it. In the end, the more you participate and share with friends and family, the more we can make a difference. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

How Can I Become a TNR Caregiver?

If you are feeding feral or wild cats in your neighborhood on a regular basis and are interested in becoming a neighborhood FCIN TNR Guardian and Caregiver or would like to learn more about our FCIN TNR Caregiver program, please email us at:


Caregivers are primarily responsible for providing food and water to the cats in their care, but also assist us in trapping them, transporting them to and from the vet clinic, and help us keep track of the colony’s progress and health status. (All medical care costs are covered by the FCIN Program)


Donate – Support Our FCIN TNR Program

Donations are crucial in the success of this Program. Without your support, these beautiful feral cats will simply keep on making more fur babies and will keep on suffering from the lack of necessities.