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Rescue Paw Mission

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Dogs on death row is still reality in our modern society in 2020, and time has come to change this for good.

Our team often rescues dogs from “High Kill Pounds “but the numbers of dogs facing DEATH ROW daily in Quebec is mind blowing.

We know a lot more can be done; therefore, we created the Recue Paw Mission. The goal of this mission is to pull out of these pounds as many dogs as possible that have been placed on death row to be destroyed for absolutely no valid reasons.

Let’s face reality. To this day a very large amount of cities still use the services of For-Profit Contractors for the animal control of their territory, creating a business that has little to do with animal welfare, but rather promotes the quick use of the cheaper solution of KILLING those dogs to make room. Room for more dogs to come in every day, Room for more profits on the bottom line, with no regards towards the value of life.

Until we can count on better regulations where municipalities will have to emphasize on the promotion of education, adoption, spaying and neutering with their animal control contractor, we must step in and save those put on death row simply based on the dollar sign with a total lack of respect and values for life.

Thousands of dogs end up homeless each year and make it to high kill pounds. More than half will never make it out alive.


Rescue Paw Mission wants to change that. Your participation to the program will make a huge difference.

Together we can save those facing imminent death.

Time is the essence as each day many will die, we must act now.

Give the gift of life today and a personalized paw print will go on up on our wall of hope.

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$2 A Rainbow Paw with your name will be placed on the Wall Of Hope
$5 A Silver Paw with your name will be placed on the Wall Of Hope
$10 A Gold Paw with your name will be placed on the Wall Of Hope