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Maggie’s New Life

Hello everyone! It’s Maggie!

Do you remember me? Back in November, I was surrendered to the SPCA West and it ended up being a true blessing in disguise.

The staff at the SPCA West took me under their care, cleaned and groomed me and after I was feeling as fresh as can be , they brought me to the vet for an exam. The vet did not have very good news for me.

I had a very large bladder stone, a hernia and my teeth were in pretty bad shape. I wasn’t evenĀ able to do my business because of my bladder stone. It really was HUGE and hurt so much!

The SPCA West quickly rallied the help of their AMAZING SUPPORTERS and raised enough money to cover my operation. Thank you so much for helping me!!!

(see the online campaign here!)

The surgeons quickly removed my bladder stone, did a few extra tests to make sure I had a clean bill of health and I almost immediately started to feel better! The staff at the SPCA West gave me extra cuddlers after my operation to help me get better real fast!

And now guess what? I found my FURever home and could not be happier. I love my new family! The moment I arrived I felt right at home and it felt as though we had been together forever. That’s when you know it’s true love!

I love going in the car to visit grandma and grandpa and going for walks in my super fashionable outfits (they keep me so cozy warm!)

I’ve become very good friends with the two cats that live here. Me and Minou love to cuddle. Who ever said cats and dogs can’t get along?

I also live with two kids now. They keep me feeling young and we have so much fun playing and taking pictures together. Don’t tell anyone but at night I sneak into bed with Eve, my little sister. We’re both afraid of the dark and keep eachother company.

Thank you SPCA West and SPCA West supporters! You quite literally saved my life when I needed you and me and my new family could not be more grateful for your kindness.