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Travis The Kitten

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Good day, my name is Travis!

I am a young 2 months old, energetic kitten that got into trouble, broke my left hind leg in a very bad way and ended up in the care of the medical team at the SPCA West.

Thanks to a good Samaritan, I was lucky enough to meet this great medical team that immediately put forward all kinds of procedures to make sure my leg got put back together and would stand a chance at being saved.

Unfortunately, as I am very young and rambunctious, I can’t stand still and can’t help jumping around every chance I get. it is just what kitten my age do after all… right ?

In doing so, I also made my condition worse, and now the doctors say that I need to have my leg amputated! Following this news, I now have an appointment at the surgery room, and this will cost a lot of money to my care givers.

I ask you to open your heart to my cause and help me get my surgery covered, so I can get back on track and ready for a new beginning. in return, I promise my future family an amazing life of cuddles and love and total gratitude to everyone.

Please help me and my medical team make me better so I can do just that. 

I love everyone for their generosity and thank you for making my life possible.

Sincerely, Travis