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Code of Conduct

Adopting or surrendering your pet can be an emotional and stressful time. During these moments, the SPCA West will always support the families and their pets in every way possible.

Due to recent events, the SPCA West would like to remind all of our visitors & supporters of our proper code of conduct when visiting our offices.

SPCA Office: Code of Conduct

– Violence, aggressiveness and threats towards staff, volunteers, and animals will NOT be tolerated.

– Physical and psychological harassment of staff & volunteers, both in-office and online will result in a ban from online forums and our offices, and may incur the involvement of the authorities.

– Entering restricted areas of our offices without consent is NOT permitted

– Treating any animals in a aggressive, scolding, or loud manner will NOT be tolerated

Meeting our animals:

We regularly get over 10 clients every hour which can add up to dozens of clients per day. Many dogs in our care, and most dogs living in shelter environments, can already be more stressed and anxious than a dog living in a home environment.

When the dogs in our care are in their enclosures, we want them to feel calm and safe. We do not permit the public to access our dogs’ enclosures. Asides from the obvious reason of trying to limit traffic and the consequential stress that may cause our animals, there is also the reason of limiting exposure to outside diseases and infections.


The process of meeting your potential match:

1. We will start by asking you to look through our binder of available adoptable dogs
2. We will ask you a few preliminary questions to determine if you would be a potential match for this dog.
3. If you are a match, we will bring out any dog that you are interested in, that matches your lifestyle and vice versa. We will encourage you to interact with these dogs by taking them out for walks, playing with them in our enclosed outdoor dog run or hanging out with them in our front room.