Update to our adoption procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic

In order to ensure the health & safety of all our staff, volunteers, and animals we will be taking adoption requests by appointment only.

We ask that if you have recently returned from traveling abroad, or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough or breathing difficulties) that you refrain from visiting the shelter and contact us via email instead.


Use the form below to book an adoption appointment. We will contact you at the number provided to schedule a day & time.


400$ for dogs over 9 months
430$ for puppies under 9 months
175$ for cats over 6 months
225$ for cats under 6 months


If you are interested in any of our animals available for adoption, come in and meet them with your entire family (if you have a dog he/she must be present as well)

If you live in an apartment you must bring your lease; and if you are in a condo, bring your condo rules.

We will not under any circumstance reserve an animal.

The first family that fits the animal’s needs will get to adopt them.

All animals are sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed, and micro-chipped before going up for adoption.

When you come for a visit, we can only show you the pets you are interested in, you are compatible with and that are available for adoption.

It is possible we have other animals in-house asides from the ones that are available for adoption but because visits cause a lot of excitement and sometimes stress and anxiety amongst the animals and exposes our dogs and animals to outside germs and potential virus’ and diseases, we must limit their exposure to the public.

If the animal is not ready for adoption yet, or if you are simply not the right fit, we will not expose them unnecessarily to possible causes of stress or disease.

See our dogs available for adoption!

See our cats available for adoption!

Request an Adoption Appointment

Example: What type of lifestyle would you say you have, what is your daily routine, work schedule, family setting, and how is the animal you are adopting will fit in your lifestyle and routine
What are their ages? Are your pets spayed/neutered? What are their temperaments?