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About Us

Guided by humane ethic, the SPCA West pledges to protect animals against negligence, abuse, and exploitation; ensure their well-being;
raise public awareness and help develop compassion for all living beings.

It is our mission to provide effective means of prevention of animal cruelty and tirelessly seek to improve the treatment of animals through public education, defending animal rights, conducting inspections, providing accommodation and health care services, as well as promote and support improved animal related legislation through collaboration with allied agencies.

We have been a vital part of our community since our foundation in June 2013.

The SPCA West has been opened to the public since February 2014, and was formed by people who wanted to provide a no-kill option for all animals regardless of type or breed. We have rescued all types of animals from raccoons, to squirrels to cats and dogs, amongst several others.

As a charitable, non-profit organization, we utilize a network of volunteers as well as staff that share our vision and help us in our mission. 100% of all funds donated go toward our rescue efforts and the animals in our care.

We have continued to grow with the help of our community, our donors and our volunteers, to whom we are extremely thankful for.
The demand for our services is forever increasing.

Therefore, it is imperative we obtain support from our community, as we have been, but most importantly, put in place solid corporate relationships in order to achieve the goals we aspire to, as well as maintain them for years to come.

[trx_quote]We have a vision that one day all rescues in the community will be able to find their loving and forever homes, and that is what we aim and work for.[/trx_quote]

To date, since founding, the SPCA West has re-homed more than 8000 animals, and counting. Last year alone, we rescued and re-homed over 2000 animals. Our goal is to be able to reach 6000 animal rescues per year.

[trx_title type=”2″ style=”underline” color=”#fe8431″]Our History[/trx_title]

The SPCA West was founded in June 2013. Less than a year later, we opened our doors to the public in February 2014 under the leadership of Rémi and Tracy-Lynn; a young couple whose mission it is to provide a healthy, safe, NO-KILL shelter for all animals, regardless of their breed or current health issues.

Their commitment against animal cruelty became contagious within the community. The SPCA West has since grown into a strong, dedicated and loyal team working towards saving animals unable to save themselves and improving animal rights laws.

The SPCA West works tirelessly to save, shelter and rehabilitate all animals. By working together we can bring an end to animal cruelty and wrongful exploitation.

The SPCA West is a non-profit organization and needs public support to be able to continue saving thousands of animals per year. Your funding, your time and your belief keeps us going and helps us save, heal and find homes for so many beloved animals.