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Save Stanley

Stanley was a stray that was transferred to the SPCA West in September. We knew something was wrong because Stanley had a limp and a hop from the very beginning of his time with us. We loved him anyway and committed to giving him as much love and care as we could.

In October Stanley was brought to the vet for x-rays and at the same time, we had him neutered. While he was being neutered, the vet wanted to take a closer look at his back legs and spine and, upon closer inspection, confirmed that Stanley was most likely rolled over by a car, his legs and back were broken and then, because of improper treatment and care, the bones fused back incorrectly. The vet asked us if we wanted them to put him down right then and there.

Stanley is only a year and a half old. He has his entire life ahead of him. He deserves a chance to be loved and to live a happy life. No, we do not want to put him down, we want to fight for Stanley’s life.

The vet estimates that each leg and joint will cost between $2500-$3000 to operate, not including any medication or rehabilitation costs. With two legs needing surgery, this will bring total medical costs to above $6000 and the SPCA West needs your help to cover it.

We did not put a price on Stanley’s life and now we need your help to prove he’s worth it. Please help save Stanley and donate today.


Thank to so many generous donations, Stanley went in for his surgery on November 14, 2018. It was long, it was complicated and it appears to have been successful. Stanley is spending a couple of days and night at the veterinarian’s so he can be closely monitored and is on a lot of medication to help him heal. He will need a lot of physio and water therapy but his future is looking up!

The SPCA West takes in many cases just like Stanley. Please help us by donating generously.

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